Marina di Venezia Camping Village


  • How can I make a reservation?

    All bookings can be made online directly from our website. The minimum stay for anyone making a reservation is 7 nights.

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  • Are all pitches subject to reservation?

    All pitches marked in green on the map do not require a reservation. The possibility of obtaining a pitch is subject to availability at the time of arrival. In high season we strongly advise you to contact us by phone 1-2 days prior your arrival to be informed about occupancy.

  • What is the minimum stay?

    The minimum stay for anyone making a reservation is 7 nights for both accommodation units and pitches. The minimum stay for pitches that do not require reservation varies depending on the period and can be found in our price list.

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  • What are your cancellation terms and conditions?

    Our terms and conditions regarding cancellation can be found on our pricelist and conditions page.

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  • How do I pay for my reservation?

    You can pay for your reservation directly online by using a Visa or Mastercard credit/debit card. The payment of the whole amount is required.

  • Why am I unable to make the payment?

    If you are unable to access the payment portal, we recommend that you try changing browser or device. If your payment was declined, we recommend that you check the security settings (secure code) and limit (plafond) of your credit card by contacting your bank.

  • I paid but did not receive the booking confirmation. Why?

    If you have not received a booking confirmation, please make sure that the payment was successful and check the spam folder of your email. If you need assistance, please email us at

  • How can I settle the balance of my stay?

    You can settle the balance of your stay at the cash office from 8 a.m. to 12 p.m. and from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m. by Visa, Mastercard and Maestro credit/debit card or in cash up to € 4999.99.

  • When can I settle the balance of my stay?

    Your bill can be settled the evening before or on the day of your departure. At the time of payment, you must present your digital camping pass and hand in all your wristbands and car pass. Once you have handed in your wristbands, you will no longer be able to access the AquaMarina Park.



  • Are day visitors allowed?

    Yes, at the discretion of the Management and upon presentation of an ID card, it is possible to visit the campsite. For a maximum duration of one hour and before 7 p.m., the visit is free of charge. If you visit friends or relatives staying at the campsite during the day, you must purchase a day pass, which does not include access to the AquaMarina Park. Visitors can only access the campsite by foot.

  • Can I have guests stay overnight on my pitch/bungalow?

    Yes, all visitors must register at the campsite entrance by presenting an ID card. The minimum stay for overnight guests is 2 nights.

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  • Are dogs allowed to the Camping Village?

    The campsite has an area reserved exclusively for guests with dogs. A maximum number of 3 dogs per pitch or accommodation unit is permitted in the Marina 8000 and 71/72 areas or in the Rex Lodges.

  • Does the dog have access to all areas of the campsite?

    Dogs may access all roads of the campsite, preferably using the main roads, and must be kept on a leash at all times. They may not enter the supermarket, the AquaMarina Park, the toilets and all places where expressly indicated. Near Marina 8000 there is an area for them to walk and run freely.

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  • Are dogs allowed on the beach?

    Yes, guests who wish to bring their dogs to the beach may do so only within the designated area at the Gate 0 exit, keeping them on a leash at all times. Here you will also find a bathing area for dogs.

  • Can I take my dog to reastaurants and cafes?

    Within the Camping Village, dogs are allowed in all cafes and restaurants. In the three beach bars and in the beach restaurant, as per city hall ordinance, dogs are not allowed.

  • Does the dog always have to be on a leash?

    Yes, dogs must be kept on a leash at all times inside the campsite and on the dog beach. The dog keeper must always carry a muzzle.

  • What documents and vaccinations are needed for the dogs?

    When checking in, you must present the passport of all dogs travelling with you. For dogs of guests residing outside Italy, rabies vaccination is mandatory, or they won't be allowed access to the campsite.

  • Can I take my dog to Venice?

    Yes, you can go to Venice with your dog, as long as you bring a muzzle and the dog is kept on a leash at all times.

  • Is there a vet on the campsite?

    Yes, the Camping Village has a 'Doctor Dog' veterinary service for a fee. The vet is present every day in high season, except on Sundays, as per the timetable displayed at the 'Doctor Dog' point at the entrance to Marina 8000 area. In the event of an emergency, please contact the reception.

AquaMarina Park


Restaurants and bars


Marina Sporting

  • What is it? Where is it located?

    Marina Sporting is the new sports area in Marina di Venezia. It is located 200 meters from the Camping Village: once you exit, turn left staying on via Montello and you will see the area on the right side of the road. Here you will be able to find an equipped gym, tennis, padel, basketball, soccer and multipurpose fields.

  • Is the access free of charge?

    Marina di Venezia guests can access the gym with a small reservation fee. In addition, they have free access to the soccer and multipurpose fields at set times. All information is available on our price list.

  • Which activities can I do at the Marina Sporting? How much do they cost?

    Inside the Marina Sporting, you can do the following activities: tennis, padel, basketball and soccer (5 vs 5). There is also a gym with changing rooms, showers and lockers. All prices can be found on our price list.

Surroundings and excursions

Leo World

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Sanitary blocks

Medical assistance

  • Where are the nearest pharmacies located?

    The Camping Village has a parapharmacy for medicines that do not require a prescription. The nearest pharmacy is Pharmacy Zorzetto in Ca'Savio (2.5 km). Other pharmacies are located in: Treporti (3.5 km), Ca'Ballarin (5 km) and Cavallino (9 km).

  • Is there a medical clinic on the campsite?

    Yes, the campsite is equipped with a medical clinic. This is a private, paid service. In high season, the doctor is present 24 hours a day and the clinic is open every day at set times. In low season, the service is provided during periods of peak arrivals.

  • Which are the nearest hospitals?

    The nearest hospital is in Jesolo, where there is also an emergency room and is about 20 km from the campsite. In Ca' Savio, 2.5 km from the campsite, there is a first aid station with clinics.

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