Marina di Venezia Camping Village


  • From when is it possible to make a booking request?

    The booking request can be made at any time of the year. From 2023 all pitches in the reserved area will be bookable exclusively online.

  • What is included in the price of the pitch?

    Water and electricity are included in the price of the pitch. Additionally the entrance to the AquaMarinaPark and the participation in the animation activities are included in the price.

  • Is there a minimum stay I need to take into account when I reserve a pitch?

    Yes, the minimum stay for a reserved pitch is 7 nights.

  • Is it possible to depart in the afternoon, without facing any additional costs? (Special Offer Late Check-out)

    For all Guests staying on a pitch in the free green area, there can be special offers in low season that enable the departure in the afternoon within 11 pm without facing any additional costs.

  • Is it possible to receive visitors on the own pitch or accommodation?

    Yes, it is possible to receive visitors on the own pitch or accommodation. For visitors there is a minimum stay of two consecutive nights.

  • What’s the difference between a normal pitch and a super pitch?

    All pitches are numbered and provided with water and electricity supply. Normal pitches are provided with 10 amp electricity supply, rainwater drainage and free Wi-Fi all day long without restrictions for social channels and chats. Super pitches differ from normal pitches because they have a more powerful electricity supply (16 amps), a satellite TV connection, unlimited free Wi-Fi, more privacy thanks to the fact they are surrounded by a hedge and sewage water drainage. Booking is required for this type of pitch. In both free and reserved areas, normal pitches have an average size of approximately 85 m2, with the exception of area 61 where the average is 100 m2. Sizes of Super pitches vary, up to 100 m2.

  • Is it possible to book a pitch?

    Of course! You can send a booking request for a pitch in a reserved area by using our website (pink area on the map). Alternatively, you can also book directly online (in the fuchsia area on the map), by choosing your preferred pitch and paying directly with a credit card. From 2023 all pitches in the reserved area will be bookable exclusively online.

  • How many Volts/Amps are available?

    Guests staying on a normal pitch are entitled to a 220 Volt/10 Amp/2200 Watt electricity supply, while those staying on a super pitch are entitled to a 220 Volt/16 Amp/3600 Watt electricity supply.




  • At what hours is it possible to access the camping village with motorized vehicles?

    Motorized vehicles can access the camping village from 7 am to 1 pm and from 3 pm to 11:30 pm.

  • Is the use of a BBQ allowed?

    Yes, electric, coal and gas BBQ’s are allowed in the pitches as long as the safety distance of 1.5 meters to all living units, hedges and trees is respected. While handling a BBQ you should always be very careful, never leave the fire unattended and always check if the fire has been put out correctly. Outside living units only electric and coal BBQs are allowed.

  • Are the Entrance and Exit of the camping village open during the night?

    Motorized vehicles can access the camping village from 7 am to 1 pm and 3 pm to 11:30 pm. It is possible to access the camping village at all times by foot and with bicycles.

  • Is it possible to move around with bicycles and scooters inside the campsite?

    Yes, it is possible to use them throughout the campsite, with the exception of the Listón and the underpass that leads to the Marina 2000 area. The use of electric cycles is allowed only to people over 18 years. It is advisable to pay maximum attention and caution, considering the capacity of the campsite. The Management invites all Guests to respect the speed limits and to turn on the lights during the evening hours.

  • How can plastic consumption be reduced at the campsite?

    There are 3 microfiltered water distributors, one next to the Supermarket in the Listón, one in Marina 2000 area and one next to the passage to Marina 8000, which reduce purchase and disposal of plastic containers.

  • Is there a separate waste collection at the campsite?

    Yes, Marina di Venezia sorts more than 70% of its waste for re cycling purposes. Guests are kindly invited to sort their waste, using the containers provided throughout the camping village.


AquaMarina Park

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  • Are there any bike excursions?

    Bike excursions are free and are held on fixed dates. Information and registrations at the Animation office.

  • How can you reach Venice?

    Marina of Venezia is only 2 km from Punta Sabbioni, where a boat leaves every half hour for Venice during the day. Just outside the campsite there is a bus stop for Punta Sabbioni, active in high season.

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