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Environmental, Quality And Safety Policy

Environmental, Quality And Safety Policy

The Environmental, Quality and Safety Policy of Marina di Venezia aims at the satisfaction of its Guests, at the saving of natural resources and at safeguarding health and safety in the workplace. As a matter of fact, Marina di Venezia acknowledges that tourism is an activity which draws its resources from the environment and therefore it needs to act concretely for its safeguard.

These aims which are connected to the principles of the Sustainable Development and of an on-going improvement, take form in the following goals:

  • Guest-oriented policy, always keeping in mind his needs and placing him at the centre of Marina di Venezia’s policy, avoiding at the same time damaging the environment in which Marina di Venezia operates
  • to comply over time with mandatory legislation and other obligations arising from the interaction between the concerned parties
  • Involving all the staff through an apposite training and promoting any activity focused on the improvement of quality and of the safeguarding of health and safety, making the staff aware and responsible of the activities which might have effects on the environment, training the employers in order to make them ready to handle any emergency situation in the most appropriate way.
  • Encouraging dialogue with guests making them aware of the safeguard of the environment and making sure that third parties involved in the activities of Marina di Venezia adopt standards suitable to its policy; defining precise rules for contract workers and occasional professional workers in order to safeguard health and safety.
  • Promoting any initiative focused on preventing accidents and professional diseases, committing to always provide safe and healthy working conditions, eliminating hazards and reducing risks.
  • Developing collaboration and communication with trade associations and local bodies involved in environmental matters, keeping in mind the specific tourist vocation of the area in which Marina di Venezia operates.

The Management of Marina di Venezia is directly involved in the fulfillment of these aims and in order to show how it pursues them in a transparent way, an Integrated Quality- Environment-Safety System has been created according to the models ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001.





The high Quality of the facilities is the principal means to excel in the tourist market: therefore this is the main element in the policy of Marina di Venezia. Its principal features are:

  • a trained staff able to pay the utmost attention to Guests’ needs and to find suitable solutions to problems.
  • Creating an atmosphere of tranquility and well-being during the whole stay of Guests.
  • Green areas and groomed beaches, spotless toilets, easy accesses for the disabled.

The strong points of Marina di Venezia from the environmental point of view and as far as health and safety are concerned, aim at the preservation of natural and energy resources, without penalizing working necessities and  hygienic and safety requirements which are so essential in order to guarantee Guests’ satisfaction. Marina di Venezia chooses technologies which allow to minimize the impact on the environment and the formation of polluting substances, always keeping its facilities in full working order.


Marina di Venezia is constantly focused in defining new aims for the improvement of working conditions.

It also adopts ecological criteria in the choice of materials, vehicles and products needed for carrying out its activities.

Preservation of water resources: Marina di Venezia uses water rationally in order to contain and minimize water waste by installing technologies aimed at saving water. It is also committed to promoting suitable behaviors from its guests.

Waste disposal: Marina di Venezia tries to optimize the waste produced by its Guests, enforcing, where possible, a separate collection of rubbish.

Energy saving: Marina di Venezia promotes energy saving by choosing energy saving systems, thus containing energy waste.

Environmental conservation: Marina di Venezia is involved in the preservation of the vegetation and of the nearby green areas choosing plants and trees with great care .

The Management of Marina di Venezia pursues these aims with great effort and is directly involved in their fulfillment; it sustains the Environmental, Quality and Safety Policy above mentioned, it exposes it and checks its fulfillment periodically.

Cavallino-Treporti, the 9th of December 2019

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