Marina di Venezia Camping Village


Camping Village Marina di Venezia's commitment is constantly focused on the particular care for the environment and a sustainable development. We strain to preserve natural and energy resources. We favour technologies which minimize the impact on the environment, adopting environmentally-friendly measures in the choice of materials, vehicles and products.

Our environmental commitment is carried out as follows:

  • Energy saving: we believe in an energy policy which uses renewable resources and contributes to decrease pollution.
  • Safeguarding of green areas: we respect and enhance the natural surroundings by carefully choosing the plants and trees typical of the littoral of Cavallino Treporti, moreover we use low environmental impact antiparasitic treatments against mosquitos.
  • Discharge reduction: we constantly check our plant discharge and promote the use of public means of transportation or less polluting means of transportation.
  • Preservation of water resources: we use water rationally, by recycling water for non-drinkable use.
  • Waste disposal: we promote and carry out the separate collection of rubbish.
  • Increasing the value of our surroundings: we promote the exploration of our surroundings and of the local products through guided excursions.

Water is close to our hearts

It couldn’t been different, living between sea and lagoon.

We know it is a precious good and we want to preserve it, avoiding waste.

The dry climate of the last years has given us nice days at the sea and in our area, but has put this precious resource to the test.

Therefore, our commitment to preserve this precious resource and reduce waste is constant.

AquaMarina Park

The AquaMarina Park is managed through a self-control plan that aims, through operational procedures and instructions, to guarantee efficiency and environmental sustainability, safety and hygiene for our guests.

In particular, our team follows the following steps daily:

- Continuous monitoring of consumption to avoid wastage and prevent damage due to leaks

- Automatic disinfectant dosing system for hygiene and water quality

- Water treatment plant with a filtering system to ensure the healthiness of the water

- Automatic monitoring of the water fed into the tanks to avoid wastage

- Recovery of water through skimmers, filtration tools, for use in toilet flushing - 35% of the total

Green roofs

The heart of our camping village is elegant and lively, but also green!

Our roofs in the main shopping avenue are so-called 'Green Roofs', covered with different essences of Sedum, a succulent plant that can store large amounts of water.

They can absorb 50% of the sunlight, making the climate cooler and more pleasant, providing natural roof insulation and between 65%-75% reduction in summer cooling consumption. They purify the air from pollution and fine dust and lower the particulate matter concentration  in the air.



Around us

Bike-tour-Lio Piccolo.jpg

Our restaurants, supermarket, fruit and vegetable shop, choose healthy and genuine 0 km products.

We collaborate with local companies to help people discover local products.

We promote tours by bicycle, the best way to explore Cavallino-Treporti. Our territory is characterised by many cycling and walking routes, recently enriched by the longest cantilevered cycle path in Europe. Marina di Venezia organises exclusive tours with a nature-environmental specialist to discover our surroundings in a healthy and sustainable way.

Environment protection

Marina di Venezia is committed to protecting the great biodiversity of the dune systems that extend along the northern Adriatic coast.

We are surrounded by a beautiful pine forest and take care of the greenery by cleaning the undergrowth. We employ a team of specialists and a tree and hedge planting plan is implemented every year.

We preserve these ecosystems from exploitation adnd lack of ecological awareness that led elsewhere to the spread of alien species and the loss of the natural pattern of the landscape. We prevent the naturalistic value and ecological functionality of the dunes from being compromised, and we are committed to preserve distinctive landscape elements.dune2.png



The main principles of the Marina di Venezia Camping Village include a commitment to quality and safety at work. We involve all staff and any activity aimed at improving quality and health and safety management.

  • Staff are trained and instructed to ensure the safety of guests and operators.
  • More than 600 fire extinguishers are located within the accommodation business and are arranged in such a way that they can be reached by routes of up to 30 m.
  • Some areas of the campsite are equipped with UNI25 fire hydrants. Their location is marked on the emergency plan displayed at information points.
  • Some areas of Marina di Venezia are equipped with smoke alarms connected to a buzzer.
  • The Liston avenue in the centre of the campsite is protected by a fire-fighting water system, supplied by a pressurisation network and equipped with UNI 70 hydrants.     
  • An alarm system has been implemented throughout the entire campsite and consists of buttons located on 41 totems distributed in accordance with the provisions of the fire prevention technical regulation.

Modern and effective fire prevention means:

  • FireXtec, a fast, high-capacity shutdown system
  • Unimog 1700 specific to forest fire interventions.
  • Water reserve: the water park has a capacity of 4337 m3, and large quantities of water can be taken from the tanks for external emergency vehicles.            

Marina di Venezia Emergency Plan not only provides indications on how to intervene correctly in the event of a fire inside the camp site (Protective actions), but also on how to prevent and cope with situations that could endanger the safety of people or damage property and the environment (Preventive actions).

We have a specific system that includes suitable equipment and  a system of warnings and alarm signals in order to initiate emergency procedures in case of need and related evacuation operations from the critical areas to the relative safety zones.

A smart irrigation system

Marina di Venezia camping village is experimenting with an irrigation system that makes use of electric controllers inside the campsite.
Sensors in the ground detect the moisture present and activate the irrigation solenoid valves, adjusting the quality of water needed when necessary.
This system reduces wastage of water and the energy required to activate the pumps and guarantees better results by reducing reseeding and maintenance work.



We host and train young people fosteruing an approach to the world of work through internships. We love our work and are committed to passing on our passion not only to the guests, but also to the young people of today who will build the future. 

We collaborate with schools and institutes by hosting school trips so young students have the chance  to know our reality and learn to love it as we do.

We welcome children from summer camps and host leisure and educative activities that bring them closer to the world of tourism.



Let's together keep our camping village clean and environmentally friendly with some healthy habits!

  • We invite you to separate  waste, using the containers available throughout the area.
  • Switch off lights and electrical appliances when not in use. Use the air conditioner only when necessary, closing doors and windows.
  • Use drinking water responsibly, turning off the tap whenever possible.
  • Respect trees and flowers
  • Use bicycles and public transport, do not leave your car parked with the engine running.
  • For shopping, use cloth shopping bags, or recycle plastic bags

A big thank you from our territory!