Marina di Venezia Camping Village

Free WiFi at 5 star camping village Marina di Venezia


Always connected even on holiday

The campsite area is covered by a Wi – Fi signal, which can vary according to the vegetation and weather conditions. Log-in details, protocol and pin numbers, are handed over upon arrival. Access to the WiFi network is possible after filling out the digital arrival declaration.

WiFi: MarinaWiFi

Free access all day without restrictions for social channels and chats, including videos and access to personal streaming accounts (Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, etc.).

Help Desk available at the Internet Corner to solve any problems related to internet connection.

Username and Password can be used on more devices, but not on the same time. It is necessary to disconnect from WiFi and wait at least 10 minutes before logging in in the new device.

At 5 star Camping Marina di Venezia there are more than 540 Access Points, that allow more than  8.000 users to connect at the same time.
A 3-GB band is available for all the guests of the Camping Village.

The connection to the 2.4 GHz band is available only in the Internet Corner office.

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