Think Green

Our soul is green. A daily ecological sensibility.

Camping Marina di Venezia's commitment is costantly focused on the particular care for the environment and an eco-sustainable development. We strain to preserve natural and energy resources. We favour technologies which minimize the impact on the environment, adopting environmentally-friendly measures in the choice of materials, vehicles and products.

Our environmental commitment is carried out as follows:

Energy saving: we believe in an energy policy which uses renewable resources and contributes to decrease pollution.

Safeguarding og green areas: we respect and enhance the natural surroundings by carefully choosing the plants and trees typical of the littoral of Cavallino Treporti, moreover we use low environmental impact antiparasitic treatments aginst mosquitos.

Discharge reduction: we costantly check our plant discharge and promote the use of public means of transportation or less poluting means of transportation.

Preservation of water resources: we use water rationally, by recycling water for non-drinkable use.

Waste disposal: we promote and carry out the separate collection of rubbish.

Increasing the value of our surroundings: we promote the exploration of our surroundings and of the local products through guided excursions.

Our numbers:

100% of energy resources come from renewable resources: from the campsite photovoltaic plant and the hydoelectric plants of CVA (Compagnia Valdostana delle Acque)

10 electric cars for internal transport

250 bicycles at our employers' disposal.

20.000 cubic meters of water from AquaMarina Park are recycled and used for the flushing of 300 toilets.

70% of waste in the campsite is differentiated in order to be recycled.