Sanitary blocks

Style is at home here. Wide spaces, flawless cleanliness for our daily well-being.

In a camping holiday, quality and comfort of the sanitary blocks makes the difference. In the nine big sanitary blocks you'll always feel at your ease, as you were at home, maybe even more! Flawless cleanliness, modernity and utmost comfort are a must for us. We care a lot about the ecological aspect (Think Green) that's why we have chosen photovoltaic panels, an advanced system of water recycle and energy saving light bulbs in order to reduce the impact on the environment to minimum, without penalizing efficiency.

Particular attention is paid to our little guests, with sections dedicated to them, basins of different heights, funny WC and kid-friendly showers. The daily toilet has never been this funny!

At Camping Marina di Venezia our ecological commitment materializes in:
- More than 20.000  cubic metres of water are recycled from the swimming pools of AquaMarina Park for non-drinkable purposes, through a net which binds together more than 300 WC units in the sanitary blocks.
- Flow reduction drinkable water taps to guarantee a rational use of this precious resource.
- photovoltaic and solar plants in order to exploit solar energy.
- remote control system to promptly detect possible anomalies and optimize the use of energy resources.
- high-performance condensing boilers, energy-saving modular water heaters.
- energy-saving bulbs.

Frequently asked questions

Is it possible to empty the chemical toilet in the sanitary blocks?

Yes, in all sanitary blocks, in the therefore designated area, it is possible to empty chemical toilets.