The Management wishes you a pleasant stay and suggests you to have a look at this regulation and price list, because the entrance into the campsite involves its acceptance without reservations. In overall, these rules aim at creating the best conditions in order to guarantee a respectful holiday for all the guests staying on the campsite.


RECEPTION is open from 7.00 to 23.00. From 23.00 to 7.00 a night guardian is present at the reception.
- LOST AND FOUND is located at the reception.
- Near the camping pass office you can find SAFETY DEPOSIT BOXES with fee everyday from 8.00 to 9.00 and from 18.00 to 19.00.
- Incoming post addressed to our guest can be collected at the INFORMATION OFFICE.
- At the TELEPHONE OFFICE/INTERNET CORNER you can buy wifi access codes.


In order to access the campsite you are required to register every single person and animal.
- Upon arrival every Guest is requested to leave an identity document for registration purposes.
- A wristband will be tied to everyone's wrist. the wristband is to be worn for the whole lenght of your stay.
- You will be handed an admittance card (CAR PASS) which will be placed in view on the front windscreen of your vehicle.
- Within a few hours from your arrival, you are kindly requested to fill in the "DECLARATION OF ARRIVAL" and deliver it to counter n.4 (CAMPING PASS OFFICE open from 9.00 to 13.00 and from 15.00 to 21.00). You will then be given your personal camping pass, which attests your regular registration.
- You are kindly requested to check that all details reported on the camping pass are correct and report to the cash office any mismatch, change as well as the arrival or departure of any person in the party. We inform our Guest that for public Safety reasons, every person on the campsite must be registered.
- The holder of the "DECLARATION OF ARRIVAL", referred as party leader is legally responsible for the omission of persons not registered.


You can choose your own emplacement keeping in mind what follows:
- there is a minimum stay applied to emplacements and also to persons;
- it is forbidden to occupy an emplacement with the letter "R" RESERVED before the number;
- each emplacement is well marked and numbered. All equipment, including vehicle, must be placed within these limits, considering an adequate distance to keep from the adjoining emplacements in order to leave the way clear and guarantee an easy access to water and electricity as well as an escape route in case of emergency;
- only one party and its equipment may occupy an emplacement. Camping equipment that exceeds a caravan and a car, a tent and a car or a camper, is considered extra and will therefore be charged separately;
- the emplacement chosen gives you the right to only one electrical socket (220 volts - 10 Ampere -  max 2200 watt).
- The emplacement is considered occupied only when you have placed a car and caravan, a camper or a car and tent on it.
- It is forbidden to occupy an emplacement with chairs, tables, bikes etc.
- It is not allowed to change emplacement without the Management's authorization.
- For hygienical and sanitary reasons every Guest must keep the assigned emplacement perfectly clean and tidy.
- Using the grill is only allowed weather permitting and so as not endager or disturb other Guests.

Living units

we guarantee the living unit from 17.00 onwards.
- The living unit must be vacated on the morning of the departure dat by 10.00 am clean and tidy. Otherwise you will have to pay cleaning expenses, damage or loss.
- Animals are not permitted inside living units (except for REX LODGES where dogs are allowed) either temporary or in company of other visitors, even if they are kept outside the units.
- It is not allowed to put up tents among bungalows.


Upon arrival it is compulsory to inform the campsite of the presence of any pet, which must have cetificates of vaccination in accordance with local health rules.
- only Guests in tents, campers and caravans with dogs must occupy an emplacement inside "Marina 8000".
- Dogs must always be kept on a leash and wear a muzzle, where indicated.
- Dejections must be immediately removed by the dog owner or by the person taking the dog.
- For reasons of safety and public hygiene, dogs may be washed only in the appointed sanitary block in the special area reserved for Guests with dogs.
- Access to the beach and to the sea is only allowed in the designated areas.
- Other animals are only admitted at the Management's discretion and must be kept so as not to cause nuisance or damages to other Guests.
- The owner of dogs or of other admitted animals are responsible for any damage caused by their pets.

Ecology and respect for the environment

On our campsite we separate rubbish. you are kindly requested to divide it according to the recycling guide.
- it is strictly forbidden to pour boiling liquids or liquid of discharge on the ground and dispose of your waste water in the drain near the fountain of drinking water.
- It is also forbidden to wash yourself in the fountains of drinking water, wash dishes and laundry outside the appointed sinks, waste and use water improperly.
- For the same reason, washing machines and dishwashers are not allowed.
- Cars may be washed and campers may be emptied in the appointed area.
- It is forbidden to tie or anchor ropes or sunscreens to the plants or trees, nor place semipermanent enclosures on the emplacement.
- It is forbidden to dig holes of any kind and for any reason.


Visitors are alloewd in the campsite only by paying the daily tariff and at the Management's discretion and authorization. Visitors are not allowed to enter the AquaMarina Park.
- For Guests staying overnight at another Guests's, ther is a minimum stay of 2 nights. Access to the AquaMarina Park is allowed.
- Access and presence in the Campsite of unauthorized persons will be liable to prosecution in accordance with the following articles: Violation of Public Security rules - Violation of Art. 633 C.P. (invasion of grounds and buildings) - Violation of Art. 624 C.P. (theft of services) - offence of contract fraud.
- Authorized daily visitors can enter the campsite only on foot and during the alloewd diurnal timetable from 8.00 am 19.00.
- The campsite Guest must make sure that his visitors are in possess of the permission given by the Management; moreover he is responsible for his visitors' behavior inside the campsite.

Silence time

The utmost silence must be observed from 13.00 to 15.00 and from 23.30 to 7.00.
- During these hours all annoying noises are prohibited and it is also forbidden to drive around the campsite with motor vehicles, not to enter or exit the campsite. it is also forbidden to pitch or take down tents and awnings. Gatherings or noisy groups are not allowed.
- Radios e televisions can be turned down to minimum during the day, whereas they are absolutely forbidden after 23.30.


Minors are not allowed in the campsite unless accompanied by their own parents. They are not allowed to take an emplacement or a bungalow on their own even if their parents are in the campsite. young people under 18 are not allowed to purchase and drink alcohol. 

Road circulation

In respect of the most elementary safety rules, the maximum speed allowed is 10 Km/hIn rispetto alle più elementari norme di sicurezza la velocità massima consentita in campeggio è di 10 Km/h. You are kindly adviced not to use your car or motorcycle inside the campsite.
- Inside the campsite mopeds up to 50 cc. must be pushed by hand.
- Motorcycles over 50 cc. that are placed on the ground have to be paid.
- It is absolutely forbidden to go by bike along the pedestrian area and in the underpass which leads to "Marina 2000". Bike riders must respect speed limits and turn lights on in the evening and at night. 
- It is strictly forbidden to drive inside the campsite by push scooter. 

First aid

Our campsite is equipped with a First Aid Post/doctor's office with fee. In high season our doctor is available 24 hours a day. For basic visits, opening hours are shown at the doctor's office.
- Our campsite doctor offers a private service which means visits have to be paid for directly site. There is a higher charge for visits outside normal duty hours.
- There are chemists in Ca'Savio, Ca'Ballarin e Cavallino.
- Attention: infectious diseases, either confirmed or suspected, must be immediately reported to the doctor or to the campsite Management!


Red flag indicates danger and/or reduction or suspension of lifeguard service.
The orders of Port Authorities are as follows:
- all watercrafts (rowing, sailing and motor boats) must stay off shore, following the lanes reserved to them. These lanes are forbidden to swimmers; motor boats must sail at least at 500 m off the shore (included jetski). Other boats at least at 200 m off the shore;
- boat owners are responsible for the use and care of their boats and equipments.
- Boat owners are not allowed to moor their boats at sea nor at seashore and at the beach, but only in areas appointed by the Management and to be arranged with the lifeguards.
- Unless otherwise stated, dogs and other animals are not allowed at the beach or in the sea.


The animation office is located in Piazza Marina near the stage.
- The use of sport equipment, games and entertainment facilities is at your own risk. In particular we recommend all parents to constantly look after their children at the Leo Park. The playground is only accessible during the exposed timetable. 
- It is forbidden to play ball inside the campsite.
- Access to the AquaMarina Park is only allowed to those Guests who are staying overnight in the campsite and who wear the appointed wristband.

Cash office

The CASH OFFICE is open from 8.00 to 12.00 noon and from 16.00 to 19.00.
- The car sticker (CAR PASS), all wristbands and camping passes must be returned when setting your holiday account. Otherwise you will be charged 10,00 euro for each piece not handed back.
- On the day of departure you have to leave the campsite by 12.00 noon if you want to avoid paying also for the next day.
- Only at our cash office you can obtain information on the holiday tariffs.
- Your holiday account can be settled on the day prior to departure.
- Cash payments of more than 1000 euro or cheques are not accepted.


Due to the uneven ground on which Cmaping Marina di Venezia lies, the Management declines any liability for anything that might happen as consequence of this fact.
The Management cannot be held responsible for what follows:  
- loss or theft of valuables not deposited for safekeeping;
- damages caused by other Guests, vandalism, weather events and natural disasters, falling trees, branches or pine cones, fire, insects, epidemic, diseases including plant diseases.
- We inform you that your personal data will be treated according to law, fully respecting our Guest's rights and their privacy as guaranteed by the italian legislative Decree 196/03.
- The campsite Management has the right to expel any person who violates these rules. Clients already expelled or rebuked cannot enter the campsite again without a specific authorization by the Management.
- Even if there is a constant surveillance on the campsite, the Management cannot be held responsible for possible thefts or losses.
- Pur garantendo la sorveglianza continua del campeggio, la Direzione non assume alcuna responsabilità per eventuali furti o perdite.
- Whoever has a complaint about other Guests' behavior, is kindly requested to apply at the reception, where your complaint will be accordingly handled.
- Suggestions and complaints can be made at the reception.

Frequently asked questions
Is it possible to enter and exit the campsite at night?
On foot you can always enter and exit the campsite.

By motor vehicles it is possible to enter and exit the campsite from 07.00 to 13.00 and from 15.00 to 23.30.