Choose the most comfortable privacy. Every emplacement is an oasis in the greenery.

Wide and spacious, with a soft grass carpet and the shade of many maritime pines typical of the littoral of Cavallino Treporti, our emplacements are all provided with water, electricity (10 Ampere) and drain. At Camping Marina di Venezia you'll find an ideal habitat where to camp with campers, caravans or tents.

Our guests can choose their emplacement, according to availability, in the area with the green color in the campsite map. A wide square footage characterizes emplacements in the areas 31.. and 61.., ideal for "maxi" campers and caravans.

Emplacements against reservation
We offer emplacements against reservation in the area with the pink color.

Always against reservation "SUPER" emplacements up to 100 square meters with satellite plugin and more privacy.


Frequently asked questions
Is it possible to enter and exit the campsite at night?
On foot you can always enter and exit the campsite.

By motor vehicles it is possible to enter and exit the campsite from 07.00 to 13.00 and from 15.00 to 23.30.
Is it possible to book an emplacement in the green area?
The reservation area is the pink area in the campsite map. The green zone is the area where no reservations are accepted.
Where can I empty my chemical toilet?
Every sanitary block is provided with an area where you can empty your chemical toilet.
Is it possible to book an emplacement with a specific number?
Our reservation office will always take your preference into consideration and if possible will try to meet your wish, but you will know the exact number of your emplacement only upon your arrival in the campsite.
What is the difference between "SUPER" and normal emplacements?
"SUPER" emplacements are bigger than the normal ones, they all have satellite plugin and they are well-delimited by hedges to guarantee more privacy.
Where are "SUPER" emplacements?

"SUPER" emplacements are located in the area 35.. on the campsite map. The area is orange.